Effective 7/7/2016

Morning session: 9am-1pm

Afternoon session 2pm-6pm

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Kathi Dougherty is an artist and instructor who’s  fused glass studio is nestled among the magnificent Rocky Mountain foothills in Fort Collins, Colorado.

“I love creating with glass – from large wall panels to small jewelry pieces. Fused glass is a fabulous medium for both decorative and functional art. I cut, grind, stack, and manipulate glass to accomplish a variety of different results.

After cutting and designing the glass, it is fired in kilns up to 1500 degrees. The kilns are computerized so I’m able to control the temperature, speed, and duration the glass is “soaked” in throughout the heating process. The glass is slowly cooled (annealed) in the kiln to make it strong and durable. Slowly the glass returns to room temperature where I often cold work it or return it to the kiln for fire polishing or slumping.

When I’m not working on my own creations, I enjoy teaching classes for both children and adults. I’m constantly learning from my students and I’m a student myself as often as I can be.

The art of glass fusing is centuries old and is still changing and growing. I receive inspiration for my work from everything around me… nature, people, travels. The beauty of the glass, the color, the shine and the translucent qualities make me feel like I am playing with light.

Tis my joy and privilege to be an artist living and working in the best place in America!”